Iron Man

The Iron Man films examine the possibility of a robotic suit allowing an operator to essentially become invincible. The events of the films are wildly unrealistic, but still the question is asked: How would the world react to a cybernetic enhancement capable of both protecting the wearer, and causing massive destruction?

In the second Iron Man film, Tony Stark is brought before a Senate hearing and asked to turn over his suit (which has now been classified as a weapon) to the United States government. Stark argues that because the suit is a pert of him, the government has no right to confiscate it. Whether or not the suit was truly a part of him is debatable but it raises an interesting moral dilemma. Does the government have the right to capture someone with a permanent, dangerous cybernetic enhancement even if it means that the individual must surrender their freedom or life? Furthermore, is it ethical for the government to create these types of weapons?

Ultimately, the answers to these questions will depend on a specific technology. It is unlikely that the types of cybernetic enhancements featured in the Iron Man series will become technologically or financially feasible in the near future. What is clear is that these weapons must be contained, lest they fall into more nefarious hands than those of the US government [1]



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