RoboCop 2014

In this movie, a Detroit cop investigates gang activity and the leader of said gang retaliates by attempting to murder him by bombing. After his suspected death Alex Murphy is basically brought back to being by a OmniCorp, a robotics company trying to make advancements in robotic warfare, and also to bring some humanity to their weapons. The only human part of murphy left is his nervous system, and organs attached to a robotic skeleton and computerized implants. OmniCorp decides RoboCop is too unpredictable or controllable, so by way of the computer in his body, they suppress RoboCop’s emotions by reducing his hormones. At this point, the major relevant theme is the struggle between man and machine. While RoboCop is a combination of both, if the machine part can make the human part less human, then which part is really dominant? Further into the film, Murphy is able to overpower the programming and reconstitute his emotions in order to protect his family. This is an important topic with respect to the future of cybernetic enhancements to biological users, especially when assessing the future of evolution. Can our evolution be artificially facilitated? Or will natural evolution prevail? These are the questions that are proposed by the struggles of Alex Murphy in this film.


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